Tefulong Group Co., Ltd.(Director of China Valve Association)

Electro hydraulic actuator

  • General Features

    Quarter turn Electro-Hydraulic Actuator YKT series is installed on the automation of part turn valve, like ball valves and butterfly valves.
    ·Output torque 60Nm~120KNm(45ft-lbf to 88495ft-lbf)
    ·Fast response speed(5Hz), high control accuracy(<0.1% of full stroke)
    ·Adopt advanced servo controller and servo motor
    ·Adopt advanced hydraulic pump
    ·Adopt screw rotary cylinder which is with small size and high torque feature
    ·Non-intrusive design, infrared setting and configuration
    ·Friendly Human Machine Interface, which can display position, pressure, diagnosis and error
    ·Detailed data and log function
    ·Relief valve and pressure sensor can provide over pressure double protection
    ·Open/close valve within 1 second when failure
    ·Open/close/stay put when power failure
    ·Zero leakage, less maintenance, high reliability
    ·Optional Function:
       Modulating I/O signal 4-20mA
       Explosion Proof(EexdIIBT4, ExdIICT4)
       Fieldbus System: Modbus, Profibus, etc.

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